5 Greatest Scientists in History

These Men of Science Changed Scientific Understanding and the World. No bigger impact can be felt by these men who created or changed the scientific world. These great scientific thinkers affected the thinking of the human race as well.

There are many great painters, writers, composers, and engineers. But it is scientists that have made the most profound change in how humans look at themselves. Here is a list of the 5 greatest scientists of all time.

The Top 5 Scientists

This group of the top 5 scientists has two things in common: they changed their field of science, and also changed the way in which humans saw themselves in nature.

They may not have created wealth like bankers, or comfort like engineers, but their impact has gone beyond the science that they were working on. They were great because the science that they worked on was not the same after them, and their influence on the world was staggering.

Physicist and Mathematician Isaac Newton

A physicist and mathematician. The scientists scientist. Co-inventor of the Calculus; he wrote about light, chemistry, and physics.

After Newton’s Principia, the universe’s behavior could be predicted. Airplanes fly because of his equations of mass and motion are well understood. Before Newton there was experimentation about natural phenomena. After Newton, there was science and despite all the scientific advances that have been made since his advances, he remainsl the Mount Everest of scientists.

Biologist Charles Darwin’s Theory of Evolution

A biologist, Charles Darwin founded the Theory of Evolution. He spent five years on the Beagle, a ship that circumnavigated the Earth, and he collected specimens of natural life.

Darwin then spent another 20 years studying and analyzing how biological change comes about. He explained that biological change occurs through the mechanism of Natural Selection.

Darwin’s effect on the world was tremendous. Like Galileo centuries before, the church was a vocal critic. But his influence also transcended biology; people now talk about the evolution of the Constitution, the evolution of art, and the evolution of architecture. The term “evolution” is now common and mainstream, going far beyond biology.

Physicist Albert Einstein’s Scientific Contributions

Physicist Albert Einstein made his greatest contributions to science before the age of 40. In one year — 1905 — he wrote five monumental papers that changed physics and chemistry.

Einstein is best known for the Theory of Special Relativity (what happens to objects that approach the speed of light) and General Relativity (a theory of Gravity). His famous formula, E=MC^2 showed how energy and matter were related.

He showed that Newton’s theory of gravity could not explain how the universe worked; but his did. If Newton was Mount Everest, Einstein was a rock star, as everyone knew who he was.

Great Scientific Thinkers Nicholas Copernicus and Johannes Kepler

Astronomers Nicholas Copernicus and Johannes Kepler both changed the field of astronomy; how one looks at the behavior of the sun, the planets and the solar system. Copernicus said that the earth rotates around the sun, and that it was the center of the solar system. This broke a model that had stood since the ancient Greeks.

Kepler made the analysis that showed how planetary motion occurred and devised three laws to explain it. The effect on the world by them was as dramatic as Darwin’s. It was the beginning of the end of the Biblical scientific interpretation of the world.

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