Who created valentine’s day

Valentine’s Day, celebrated every year on February 14, has many varied customs that help remember a saint and allow couples to celebrate their love for one another. History of Valentine’s Day Traditions. Where February 14th Customs Originated.

Today, Valentine’s Day is often celebrated by passing out cards, candy, and flowers. It is a time for couples to remember the romantic ties between them and to celebrate the life and works of Saint Valentine.

History of Valentine’s Day

The popular origin of the February 14th holiday is that it is either the date of one of three Saint Valentines’ or Saint Valentinus’s death or burial. The date is also the date of this saint’s feast day in the Christian church. All of these saints were martyred for their beliefs.

Another theory as to the origins of this holiday was that it was an attempt to “christianize” the pagans who also celebrated a holiday on February 15th. According to the History Channel, the festival of Lupercalia, held every year beginning February 15th, was a fertility festival in honor of the Roman god Faunus, the god of agriculture, and Rome’s founders Romulus and Remus.

During this time, priests made sacrifices to Faunus and eligible bachelors chose romantic partners for the upcoming year through a lottery process. This practice was later seen as “unchristian” and was later outlawed by the Church.

Valentine’s Day and Romance

Romance and Valentine’s Day are usually seen as being paired together, but the specific reason for this pairing has several different possibilities.

Some believe that it is due to one of the Saint Valentine’s work in marrying young Roman men after Emperor Caludius II outlawed marriage for young men in order to create better soldiers out of them.

Others believe it was because of the Lupercalia festival because the unions formed by bachelors selecting their partners for the upcoming year often resulted in the marriage of the pair sometime during the following year.

Another theory is that, during medieval times, people in England and France believed that February 14th was the beginning of the mating season for birds. Since animals were beginning to mate and pair off, people believed that there must be a certain romantic aspect of the day.

Valentine Cards

It is possible that the Saint Valentine martyred by Claudius II sent the first Valentine’s Day card while he was in prison for his crimes. He was in love with a girl who could have been the jailor’s daughter. It is believed that he sent her a card one day that was signed “Love, Valentine” as the first Valentine card.

The first Valentine cards began appearing around 1400 and were often exchanged among friends and lovers in all social classes. What is believed to be the first Valentine card is on display in the British Museum.

Today, Valentine’s Day is one of the biggest card-purchasing holidays in many countries, with customers buying more cards for this occasion than every other day except Christmas.

Valentine’s Day is often a day shrowded in red, pink, and white hearts and romantic gestures. Many of the ways in which the holiday is celebrated date back to ancient and medieval times and are still present in celebrations today.

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