Who invented the Spreadsheet Software

The Original Spreadsheet Software. What is the Name of the First Spreadsheet Program? The very first spreadsheet program was launched in the year of 1979. In today’s world, we have programs like Microsoft Excel, known to be one of the best spreadsheet programs available to consumers. However, in the early 1970‘s, individuals were still experiencing with computer software, having trouble finding the right method for creating a spreadsheet program.

VisiCalc was the very first spreadsheet program released to the public. This program was launched in the year of 1979, running off of an Apple II computer. During the past years, microprocessor computers had been swiftly supported by Basic and just a few simple games. Then along came VisiCalc, introducing a brand new height of application software.

The History Behind the Very First Spreadsheet

Companies had been experiencing with financial projections using manually calculated spreadsheets, where changing one number would cause users to have to recalculate the entire spreadsheet. The magical thing about VisiCalc was that users could change a cell and the spreadsheet would automatically recalculate the numbers.

Who Created the First Spreadsheet?

A man named Dan Bricklin joined together with Bob Frankston to create and invent the very first Spreadsheet, VisiCalc. The two computer software designers started up their own company called Software Arts Incorporated. In the fall of 1979 an Apple II version of VisiCalc was available to consumers. By early October, VisiCalc had become an increasing fast selling product, selling for $100 throughout the United States. This computer software opened up new doors, allowing individuals to become much more creative.

The History of VisiCalc Spreadsheets and Where it All Began

In 1981, Dan Bricklin was presented the Grace Murray Hopper Award from the Association for Computing Machinery in honor of his innovation. Later, VisiCalc was transferred and sold to a company called Lotus Development Corporation. By 1983, VisiCalc was transformed into the Lotus 1-2-3 spreadsheet for the PC.

VisiCalc was Never Patented

Unfortunately, VisiCalc was never patented, as it wasn’t until 1981 that software programs were legally eligible for patents. According to Dan Bricklin, he never became rich over VisiCalc, however; he feels as though he has made a change in the world by his invention.

The Best Spreadsheet Programs

It’s crazy to think about how far our world has come with computer technology. Computer software has saved many individuals an abundance of time and some of it all started with Bricklin, due to his invention of the very first spreadsheet. His invention opened up many doors for new computer software and has led us to some of the best spreadsheets. Now we use spreadsheets like Microsoft Excel, which has no comparison to VisiCalc, however; VisiCalc spreadsheets is where is all began.

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