Who invented the Super Glue

Often the best way to make a discovery is to first make a mistake. These inventors improved the lives of millions by what would seem an accidental run-in with fate. Most inventors either succeed or fail to create a product. A few inventors have seen their greatest success in the midst of failure.

Another wartime experiment led to a peacetime staple. Super Glue was discovered by scientists trying to create transparent gun sights for rifles for World War II. Instead of comprising a clear plastic, they came up with a concoction that stuck to absolutely everything it touched. But these scientists dismissed the product as useless because, well, it stuck to everything and was useless for making gun sights.

Then in 1951, Dr. Harry Coover and Dr. Fred Joyner were working for the Eastman Company on a heat resistant polymer for jet canopies. They happened to concoct the same substance that the previous scientists created years before. Again it stuck to everything. These two scientists, however, recognized it as a potentially useful product. By 1958 the Eastman Company packaged and sold the first substance that would later be called Super Glue.

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