Who invented the White Coffee

White coffee in most parts of the world simply refers to the addition of milk into an ordinary coffee based beverage, made from roasted coffee beans. In Malaysia however, if one asks for white coffee the drinker will be served something quite different.

Who discovered the White Coffee?

The white coffee considered in this review refers to a beverage which originates from the city of Ipoh in Perak, Malaysia. Ordinarily Malaysian back coffee is roasted with the addition of sugar, margarine and wheat. On the other hand, in the production of Ipoh white coffee the beans are roasted solely with the addition of palm oil margarine. The result is a roasted coffee bean, with a lighter colour than the standard roast, with the addition of sugar.

Once the coffee has been roasted using the unique addition of palm oil margarine, the coffee is brewed in the standard way. That is, the beans are ground and then added to hot water, using the usual methods. Once brewed, the drink is then traditionally served using the addition of condensed milk, rather than fresh milk as would be taken in many parts of the world.

The result is a coffee, which tastes very different to that of a standard white coffee, produced using standard roasting methods and served with fresh milk. Overall Ipoh white coffee is a much sweeter experience than that of its standard cousin, the unusual beverage lacks the classic bitter/acidic edge of coffee beans roasted using a standard method.

Ipoh White Coffee Today

Today Ipoh white coffee is usually served, either after dinner or as a solo evening drink. The beverage is rarely taken during the day.

Whilst the drink is native to the city of Ipoh, Ipoh white coffee is now widely consumed both in Malaysia and other parts of Asia, most notably in China. Despite the drinks popularity, the beverage is rarely available in the West, with the exception of visiting specialist Asian food stores.

The popularity of the drink has lead to Ipoh white coffee becoming available in an instant form. Notable producers include “Old Town White Coffee” and “Chang Jlang Coffee”. As with most instant drinks, the instant version is a poor substitute for the authentic experience.

If visiting Malaysia, it is worth considering a visit to one of cafes which specialise in the beverage. Best known is the “Old Town” brand, this company has many locations across Malaysia. However, one can still take coffee at the original Ipoh branch. The chain offers not only a wide array of beverages but also a full menu with both Malaysian and Western foods.

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