Who invented Lip Gloss?

Why do girls use Lip Gloss all the time? Know a bit of history behind it. And find out how a simple cosmetic product beautifies and protects at the same time.

History of Lip Gloss

Mr. Maksymilian Faktorowic, otherwise famously known as MAX FACTOR came up and created the lip gloss back in 1930. The lip gloss is just one of his many make up creations that he himself spearheaded and invented. He also created the mascara wand and the lipstick, aside from the lip gloss.

The Lip Gloss was created by Max Factor specifically for actresses for black and white films. Adding that shine and on actresses’ lips was a challenge since movies back then were not colored yet. However, the lip gloss effect on the lips was a resounding success, which was then packaged and sold publicly in 1932 as X-Rated.

X-rated, the lip gloss was a raving success and was in the market for 71 long years, up until 2003; Proctor & Gamble discontinued the lip gloss after buying Max Factor cosmetics in 1991.

The Max Factor brand is the leading cosmetic brand that launched not only the lip gloss as well as “ERACE”, the very first concealer and the first waterproof make up as well in 1971.

However, the Lip gloss is one of Max Factor’s creation that made such an impact, that almost a century later; it is still used by countless women in packaged in different brands and a multitude of colors, this small but reliable make up that sprouted from the mind of a make up genius; Max Factor.

Why Girls need Lip Gloss ?

A tube of lip gloss is usually the first make up cosmetic any young girl will buy. It is so convenient and subtle to use. Any girl, both young and old will always have a brand of lip gloss stashed in her bag. A quick lather of lip gloss will instantly give your face an instant glow, even if a lip gloss is just for the lips.

How to Apply Lip Gloss

Lip gloss can be applied straight from the tube with a quick swish or by brushing it on if it comes with an applicator. Then dust a bit of powder to help it last longer on your lips; after which, just slather a bit on top to give your lips a plumper look.

If you want more shine and shimmer on top of your lipstick, you can lather some lip gloss on top of your lipstick too.

Lip gloss comes in all shapes and sizes, it is easy to use and a quick pick-me-upper for any girl. That is why girls always use a lip gloss almost every time.

What are the Benefits of Using a Lip Gloss?

Lip gloss gives a subtle hint of shine and color to the lips. And is not as overpowering as the lipstick. It usually comes in different flavors, depending on what the wearer would like. It also comes in different shades of pink, red and sometimes purple. And the most obvious benefit aside from the shine, is the moisturizing effect of the lip gloss. Most lip gloss’ are made from petroleum jelly, plant based oils, and beeswax, ingredients that help add in and keep moisture on your lips.

There are some lip gloss formulation that also add in Vitamin E and essential oils to keep the lips hydrated with nutrition to help keep the lips healthy. And with the sun getting hotter by the minute, it can also wreak havoc on your lips. Lip gloss with SPF factor and sunscreen are available almost anywhere too.

There is a think line now with these advents of advancements in lip gloss production if you compare it with the lip balm. Lip balms mainly heal and protect the lips, and some brands of lip gloss also do the same duty as the lip balm, but with a punch of color added in.

Girls use lip gloss both to help enhance their beauty and to maintain and protect their lips as well.

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