Who invented Psychometry

Psychometry: Definition, History and Uses

Psychometry is a psychic skill in which a person can sense information about the owner of an object by holding it and “reading” its energy.

Psychometry is the ability to receive information about the owner of an object by holding it in your hand or against the middle of your forehead, in an area referred to as the “third eye.” The third eye is believed to have the ability to “see” mystical visions such as auras or psychic energy. Some researchers believe the third eye is actually part of the pineal gland, a gland in the brain which has been linked to clairvoyance and intuition.

History of Psychometry

The term “psychometry” was coined by physiologist James R. Buchanan in 1842 from the Greek word psych (which means “soul”) and mentron (which means “measure.”)

Buchanan was one of the first people to study psychometry. Using students as assistants, he placed different drugs in glass containers and asked the students to identify the drugs by touching the containers. After noting their success rate was better than chance, he published his results in a book titled Journal of Man. To explain his findings, Buchanan hypothesized that an object is capable of absorbing and retaining information from those who regularly handle it. These vibrations could then be ‘read” by sensitive people.

How Does Psychometry Work?

Our bodies emit magnetic energy. When we touch or handle something, our energy is transferred to that object, leaving an imprint similar to a fingerprint. These imprints carry personal information such as emotions, physical traits or random facts such as a person’s hobbies or interests. If more than one person handled an object, it may carry imprints of each of them. That means the psychometric history of a family heirloom which has been passed down through generations could carry information about all of its previous owners.

Uses of Psychometry

Strong emotions are especially noticeable on objects. For this reason, psychometry is often used to help solve crimes and is the primary method used in psychic criminology. Psychics are often called on to locate missing persons or assist in murder investigations. Working with a picture of a victim or an object they own, the clairvoyant will “read” the vibrations on each to help determine what may have happened and where it may have occurred. They may also study maps of the area where the victim was last seen to sense the victim’s energy and pinpoint where he or she traveled.

Psychometry is a fascinating field and an excellent method to use to develop your psychic skills. Because you can practice on an object provided by a friend or relative, any information you receive can be validated, helping you recognize psychic images and open your clairvoyant channels.

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