Who invented Reiki?


The history of Reiki says that the person who started all this is Mikao Usui, he has taught Reiki to 17 people. One was another healer named Toshihiro Eguchi. This studied with Usui Sensei from 1921 to 1926 and knows his stuff. The students he taught are used to one of the Reiki there are many forms, he has continued in Japan. Eguchi did apparently teach a lot of students before the war.

Reiki has a unusual history. Instead of spending much effort debating the past and the exact path by which Reiki came to us, it is more bountiful to use the energy of Reiki and then experience the truth of the larger reality of life. The history is still important but as human beings we react sometimes based on the past.


If you don’t understand the word Reiki to the whole and profound meaning it is a more thinkable term than a more common literal translation.

This is how you pronounce it at a kindergarten level, Rei said ray, the first syllable being strongly stressed, this is to signify the soul or spirit and the Ki is pronounced key, this is means atmosphere, air, universe, with a more philosophically view like Life Force, hence. Reiki typical interlingual rendition means Universal Life Force.

Although at a deeper level it is worthwhile to see the meaning in a little more depth, and why the up to date language struggles to see the original meaning.

Now what it says on the reiki.org website, which means the International Center for Reiki Training, the Japanese kanji character Rei is deeply understood in the Reiki linguistic context, this usually means supernatural knowledge or another meaning is spiritual consciousness. This in also says that wisdom comes from, God or the higher self, and the all knowing consciousness which we understand about each person totally. The deeper meaning has to appreciate the central rule of Reiki healing, this is where the universal energy is natural and knows along with focusing on the ailments or the imbalances that exists in everyone.

The second word Ki means life force in the same way the word Chi in Chinese, Chi is a central aspect of Acupuncture, it uses needles to unblock the free flow of Chi. The Reiki theory is that Ki is the life force that is present in ALL living things. And when it is blocked, through ill health then the body suffers. According to Reiki when a person’s life force is at a low level, or the flow is cut off or restricted, there will be a more weakness and then the ill health and emotional anguish starts.

This ancient healing Reiki say it originated from the words raku-kei, which is the creation and scientific discipline of spiritual self-improvement. Now according to this different information site they say that Reiki started in past Tibet thousands of years ago. The Reiki special writing is in the language called Sanskrit, it was used in the meditation of the Tibetan monasteries. All the Reiki symbols were painted on a large wall which is in the monastery and is the center of attention during their praying by the Tibetan holy men.

Reiki is a compelling and gentle healer

* the spirited healing promotes natural self-healing
* it balances the energies in our bodies
* it balances our organs and glands
* it strengthens our immune system
* it treats the symptoms and causes of illness and not the sickness or disease
* it takes away the pain
* it gets rid of the toxins in our bodies
* it adapts our natural needs
* it show us more of our personal awareness
* it relaxes us and can get rid of stress
* it promotes our creative side
* it releases blocked and depressed feelings
* it lets us meditate and gets us to use our positive thinking
* it heals the holistic way

Reiki is quite easy to learn: Just about anyone can catch on quick about Reiki. But don’t just think you can read about Reiki and ;then just do it. To use Reiki it is given either by attunement or initiation. There is three levels to Reiki, Reiki level 1 and 2 and then the master level. Once you’ve got it, Reiki is very easy to use and you will be able to use Reiki and you’ll never forget it.

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