Top 10 Youngest and Oldest Nobel Prize Winners

The Nobel Prize is an international award administered by the Nobel Foundation in Stockholm, Sweden. It is founded by Alfred Nobel, a Swedish chemist, inventor and engineer.

There are six Nobel winner categories: Physics, Chemistry, Economic Sciences, Medicine, Literature, and Nobel Peace Prize.

Top 10 Youngest Nobel Prize Winners

1. William Lawrence Bragg (UK)

Date of Birth: 31 March 1890 (25yrs. 8mos. 10days)
Award: Physics 1915

2. Werner Karl Heisenberg (Germany)

Date of Birth: 5 Dec 1901 (31yrs 0mth 5days)
Award: Physics 1932

3. Tsung-Dao Lee (China)

Date of Birth: 24 November 1926 (31yrs 0mth 16days)
Award: Physics 1957

4. Carl David Anderson (USA)

Date of Birth: 3 September 1905 (31yrs 3mths 7days)
Award: Physics (1936)

5. Paul Adrien Maurice Dirac (UK)

Date of Birth: 8 August 1902 (31yrs 4mths 2days)
Award: Physics 1933

6. Frederick Grant Banting (Canada)

Date of Birth: 14 November 1891 (32yrs 0mth 26days)
Award: Medicine 1923

7. Rudolf Ludwig Mössbauer (West Germany)

Date of Birth: 31 January 1929 (32yrs 10mths 10days)
Award: Physics 1961

8. Maidread Corrigan (UK)

Date of Birth: 27 January 1944 (32yrs 10mths 13days)
Award: Peace 1976

9. Joshua Lederberg (USA)

Date of Birth: 23 May 1925 (33yrs 6mths 17days)
Award: Medicine 1958

10. Betty Williams (UK)

Date of Birth: 22 May 1943 (33yrs 6mths 18days)
Award: Peace 1976

Top 10 Oldest Nobel Prize Winners

1. Leonid Hurwicz (US)

Date of Birth: 21 August 1917 (90yrs. 3mths 28days)
Award: Economics 2007

2. Raymond Davis Jr. (USA)

Date of Birth: 14 October 1914 (88yrs 1mth 26days)
Award: Physics 2002

3.Doris Lessing (UK)

Date of Birth: 22 October 1919 (88yrs 1mth 18days)
Award: Literature 2007

4. Vitaly L. Ginzburg (Russia)

Date of Birth: 4 October 1916 (87yrs 2mths 6days)
Award: Physics (2003)

5. Peyton Rous (USA)

Date of Birth: 5 October 1879 (87yrs 2mths 5days)
Award: Medicine 1966

6. Joseph Rotblat (UK)

Date of Birth: 4 November 1908 (87yrs 1mth 6days)
Award: Peace 1995

7. Karl Von Frisch (Germany)

Date of Birth: 20 November 1886 (87yrs 0mth 20days)
Award: Medicine 1973

8. Ferdinand Buisson (France)

Date of Birth: 20 December 1841 (85yrs 11mths 20days)
Award: Peace 1927

9. John B. Fenn (USA)

Date of Birth: 15 June 1917 (85yrs 5mths 25days)
Award: Chemistry 2002

10. Thomas S. Schelling (USA)

Date of Birth: 14 April 1921 (84yrs 7mths 26days)
Award: Economics 2005

The age specified is the Nobel laureate’s age at the date of award ceremony. Nobel Prizes are awarded on Alfred Nobel’s birthday, December 10.

Nobel laureates are one of the most remarkable and important people on earth. Learning about them not only inspire and motivate, it stands a beacon for future generation to continue exploring what these great Nobel Prizewinners have pioneered, in pursuit of a better world.

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